Board 2018 (Executive Committee)


Girls Friendly Society Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association under the leadership and oversight of the  Board (Executive Committee). The Board provides governance, ensures that GFS have a clear vision for the organisation, and oversees the legal and financial aspects of organisation in accordance with the model rules of the association.

The current Executive Committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Organisation on Thursday 15th April 2018.

The current GFS Board Members are:

Carole Lovejoy – Deputy Chairman
James Walter – Treasurer 
Alexandra Taylor – Secretary
Raylene Hindle – Townsend Lodge Representative
Rev’d Alison Gilchrist – Board Member
Chris Oliver – BoardMember
Lauren Stewart – Board Member
Noeleen Stewart – Board Member
Fr Des Smit – Chaplain for GFS KidsPlus+ (His appointment to this role was approved by the Administrator of the Anglican Diocese of Perth, Bishop Kate Wilmot, in December 2016 it is for a 3 year term)

Board Members receive no income from the association unless employed in a salaried position. The organisation is audited each year by Dry Kirkness, and audited financial statements are available to our GFS members on request.