Governance Report

We have undertaken the review of the governance of GFS by an Independent Authority, as requested by Synod in 2016.  Just Consulting was suggested to the PDT by the
GFS as one possibility.  After interviewing Rosemary Hudson Miller on 23rd August 2017 the Diocesan Secretary agreed with her appointment.  The Diocesan Secretary also set the scope and time frame for the review with the Independent Authority. The cost of the review with a letter of Engagement was signed on the 5th of September 2017 between GFS and PDT.  Just Consulting generously capped the fee at $9000, this was shared by both parties equally.
The full report was delivered to the Chair of the GFS and the Diocesan Secretary on 7th November 2017, it can be viewed at the link below.
The report acknowledges there was no impropriety on the part of GFS with the investment in iCapisce. Part of the review states: “While the GFS Executive has not acted outside their authority, the GFS Constitution currently provides little assistance in acting as a guide and framework for actions of both the GFS Executive Committee and Trustees as it contains internal conflicts on matters of authority. It also fails to adequately define conflict of interest parameters beyond pecuniary interest. It is noted that no member of the GFS Executive or their families have invested in or personally benefited from the iCapisce Pty Ltd investment.”
We have begun implementing some recommendations from the report:
– Adopted the Model Rules as our Constitution (letter to Commissioner based on legal opinion can be found here)
– Updating our by-laws, policies and procedures
– Completed a five-day Company Director’s course with AICD
– In the process of producing a 5-year Business/Strategic plan