The holiday club initiative

In 2013 we began running a week long holiday club during the term breaks in April, July and October. Children in KidsPlus+ groups were younger and a “day camp” model worked better for those families than going away from home overnight. Holiday clubs are often run at the Kingsley-Woodvale Parish and have been a great success.
The children attend from 9-4pm each day and are not just craft and activities. KidsPlus+ takes children on a journey through the challenges of life that connects them with Christian values. Opening up to God, reading the Bible and listening to each other helps kids to know that they’re not alone on the journey. Creativity, imagination and activities are all part of the fun. High energy, great food and time to reflect means a whole package with something for everyone.

It’s not just for primary school aged children either. KidsPlus+ has activities for all ages. We are currently recruiting for junior leaders of high-school age and looking for suitable adults with a heart for ministry. KidsPlus+ fieldworkers and leaders provide training and resources.

Each KidsPlus+ Holiday Club has a different theme, but they’re all filled chocker-block with fun, faith and action. If you haven’t experienced a KidsPlus+ holiday club – or if you’ve been away for a while; then don’t miss the next holiday club and find adventure with others. Join us for the next adventure theme when holiday club comes around again!

More Holiday Clubs are coming

Venues and registrations will be put up at the beginning of the preceding term and children who have previously attended the holiday clubs will also be notified by email.

Camp / Holiday Club 2018




Below is a run down and photos of the last holiday club/camp.  Past holiday clubs in the metro area photos etc can be found here.

October 2017 Camp/Holiday Club

Due to World Council we decided to not run holiday clubs at the first and second term holidays but have a holiday club/camp in the September holidays. It was held at Ern Halliday Recreation Centre Hillary’s, Monday 25 – Wednesday 27 September.
We started with a family evening at 5pm with games and a bbq dinner, we had 9 children sleep over the first night and 10 the second night with Peter, Alison and myself as leaders. We had two older children Hannah and Liam assist in a leadership role during the camp as well. During the day on Tuesday we had another 6 children coming for the day and a visit from Des & Delein, Josie and Sharon and David. We used the Everest program and the activities, stories and crafts went down a treat. It was unfortunate there was not more time to fully utilise the program but they still enjoyed the content. As always the first night of camp is very exciting and usually they are not asleep before midnight – this was not the case with them all asleep before 10.30pm!!!
A couple of children has their first time away from home and did very well – always a great achievement for them to do this – parents struggle more than the children probably! This is a great site and we will be returning there for camp this July school holidays.


“From 1926-1943 a “little house on wheels’, as the children called it, travelled through the outback of Western Australia, bringing friendship, comfort and the message of the Gospel to the settlers, and a special ministry to their children.” Quote from A Century of Challenge by Jean Seymour.
Using the same program as we do in Perth we have in the past taken our Holiday Clubs “on the road!”. We have visited Katanning, Bunbury, Bruce Rock, Wongan Hills and Esperance. It is always a pleasure to visit our country parishes and if you would like GFS to come to your town, you just need to get in touch with us and we would be happy to visit with our Holiday Clubs.
Below is a run down and photos of the last holiday club/camp.  Past holiday clubs in the metro area photos etc can be found here.

October 2017 Holiday Club Esperance

Monday 2-4 October.  We ended up with 20 children coming along to the holiday club in Esperance.  Quite a lot had been before but we did have about 7 new children who came.  We had Breanna and Amber who are in year 7 help out as junior leaders and they did very well.  They organised the craft, ran the games as well as helping the children out with their activities and taking the photos for the Spotlight on VBS video.  My sister-in-law Addie came each morning and prepared morning tea and lunch for us which was a great help.  The program of Everest is fantastic and the use of the “dog tags” with the app is always a great way to reinforce the bible verses.  It was nice to have a little more time to get through the program and we all had a wonderful time.