Country Trips 2016

10-08-2016 Wongan Hills

Bruce Rock & Wongan Hills

GFS KidsPlus+ Caravan Trip brings the story of Christ’s acceptance to rural towns.  Children’s ministry in the country is alive and well! A recent GFS KidsPlus+ Caravan Trip received a warm welcome from the towns of Bruce Rock and Wongan Hills. The GFS KidsPlus+ Caravan ministry is a century old tradition to take programs for children to rural areas. Two GFS Fieldworkers were able to take a round trip to the wheat belt and help connect children and families with Christ. The fields of canola were in bright bloom but the brightest blooms were the smiling faces of kids who experienced the “Weird Animals” holiday club program. “Weird Animals” reminds us that we are all individuals, we are all different – but we are all welcome into the arms of a loving God. Weird animals like the star-nosed mole might crawl through the dark, sometimes lost and uncertain; and frilled neck lizards might run in fear but God brings us through our dark times and even in our fears, God will be with us. Every “Weird Animal” has a craft item, a story and a reminder from the Scriptures that God remains faithful to promises of love and strength for the journey of life.
Building on existing children’s clubs within Bruce Rock and Wongan Hills, there was a great number of kids who came along for the day-long program in each town. The hospitality of local people and their support in attending as volunteer back-up leaders was a great reminder that a visit from “city-folk” like GFS Fieldworkers is an encouragement. The Parishes of both towns visited expressed their appreciation for a special event that draws together the children of the community, provides fun crafts and games, and builds up the kids’ faith in God. GFS Caravan Trips are truly fun for kids, leaders and even the Fieldworkers, but the greatest value is in the connections between local children and families with the positive message of Christ.


Esperance is located 8 hours south of Perth and is always a fantastic place to hold a holiday club.  In 2016 we had Michele come and help out with the cooking as well as Hannah, Steph and Eve.  We had lots of kids come along and enjoy 3 days learning about Christ through the Weird Animals program.  The children also made a movie which was a fantastic way to wrap up the holiday club.  

Perth Holiday Clubs



April 2016 “Son Force” spy kidsPicture3

In a secret headquarters buried deep within the suburb of Kingsley a group of kids met during the autumn school holidays for the Son-Force KidsPlus+ holiday club. Who would have guessed these kids helped save the world from an asteroid attack and learned they can make a difference to the world around them? Dressed in disguise as secret agents these spy-kids signed up at Mission Control to get their spy Son-Force Agent cards and began a journey of adventure and discovery.

While exploring the themes of Trust, Unite, Train, Follow, and Lead others the Son-Force team spent time every day in the science lab – creating coding and decoding equipment, sending secret messages to each other, testing training devices and building rocket blasters. Each day, a new page in the Special Agent training manual opened up new ideas and challenges. How do we trust in God’s plan? How can we unite with God’s people? What training do we need for God’s service? What courage does it take to follow God’s path? How can we lead others into God’s promises?